Designing Your Bespoke Wedding Dress

IN Nottingham Front Cover

I was thrilled to recently be asked to write an article for IN Nottingham Magazine, all about how to go about designing your bespoke wedding dress. I thought it would be great to share the full write up with you, for all the hints and tips you will need if you are thinking about going bespoke!

If you are considering having your wedding dress bespoke made you will either have a really strong vision in your mind of what you are looking for, and know that you just won’t find it in conventional bridal shops, or you have exhausted all of your local high street bridal shops and you just can’t find ‘the one’. Here are few things you might like to think about before you embark on your bespoke dress journey, and believe me it will be a journey!

Do Your Research

It’s so important to find the right dressmaker for you. Things can get pretty personal with a dressmaker so you need to feel comfortable with them and trust in their skill, knowledge and feel 100% confident they understand your vision. One of the main worries brides have when considering a bespoke gown is what the dress might look like when it’s finished, trusting your designer is key. They will get to know you like your best friend, and will help and guide you on your journey to create your dream dress.

Create A Mood Board

Pinterest is a great tool for collating all of your inspiration to help you design your perfect wedding dress. Think outside the bridal box here, what is it that inspires you in life? Is there a flower that you particularly love or a special place that you and your partner have always visited throughout your time together? Maybe you love the outfits your celebrity idol wears on the red carpet. Anything that makes you happy!

Think About Other Elements Of Your Wedding Day

You may want to think about your location, where are you getting married? How big is your chosen wedding venue? What time of year are you getting married? There are many factors that may influence the design of your wedding dress. For example if you are getting married in a huge castle you might go for a fuller skirt, equally if you have chosen to have a festival style reception you might feel that comfort and practicalities are more important to you. My tip would be to go for bridal separates this way you can easily adapt your look from ceremony to party!

Consider The Time Frame

Most designers will like to start anywhere from 6 to 12 months in advance of your wedding, allowing plenty of time for you to build that important relationship and develop your ideas, sourcing the perfect fabrics and allowing enough time for all the fittings you will need.

Set A Budget (and be prepared to blow it!)

Having a dress bespoke made is a luxury process involving many hours of hand sewing and unique skills that have been mastered through years of practice and study. Everything is done by hand, usually by one person, from initial design sketches, sourcing those fine laces and sumptuous silks through to preparing your gown and even dressing you ready to make that all important walk down the aisle. Not to mention the help and guidance you’ll receive from your new found designer friend. This won’t be just about your dress, your dressmaker will no doubt help you decide what shade of dusty pink roses you’ll need in your bouquet to compliment your bridal look.

Trust Your Gut

The whole point of the bespoke process is to design a dress that is perfect for you. Yes we all want the backing and reassurance of friends and family, but the truth is this is YOUR dress. Only you know how you want to look and feel on your big day so don’t get too tied up in what others think. Trust your gut, be and feel like yourself on your wedding day. There will always be someone who doesn’t like what you chose, chances are you wouldn’t like their choice for their wedding day either!

The Benefits Of Going Bespoke

There are endless benefits to having your wedding dress bespoke made. Your dressmaker will create a one off piece that no one else will have, that is personal to you made to fit like a glove. Incorporating sentimental fabrics such as a grandparents wedding dress or some pearls from a family heirloom. You can make a conscious decision to use ethically and environmentally friendly fabrics. Most importantly you will be supporting a usually local, small business.

Upcoming Bridal Trends 2019

My favourite trends for 2019 are statement sleeves! Blue dresses, metallic details and of course the bridal cape!

If this has helped you decide on having your very own wedding dress designed just for you then I’d love to hear from you!

Photo by Vicki Clayson Photography